Child Car Seat Clinic on Saturday, June 9th

Car seat clinics are a great opportunity to ensure that your child(ren)'s seats are installed in the safest way possible.  The certified technician will examine 'goodness of fit' in two ways: car seat to vehicle and child to car seat (so be sure to bring your child along!).  Since children are always growing, simple adjustments are usually required and are simple to do. 

The Kaslo Early Childhood Coalition will be hosting a Child Car Seat Clinic on Saturday, June 9th @ the Kaslo Ambulance Station beside the hospital from 10-3pm. Appointments with certified car seat technicians will be 45 minutes long. Please call or email Kathy to book your appointment,  or (250) 353-8197.

Snacks and child care will be provided.

New Car Seats will be available to those who need them and are unable to afford one.