Christmas giving

As the days become shorter and cooler we know that the holiday season is just around the corner.  At North Kootenay Lake Community Services, we are gearing up for our annual Food Hub fundraising events.  From the following letter you can see the importance the Kaslo Food Cupboard has on our residents.

I am writing this letter because I wanted to say how much the Food Hub makes a difference to my family. We are in a lot of ways a very normal family, Mom, Dad, and two young children. Dad has had a hard time finding steady work in this small rural town (a lot of jobs are seasonal) and usually the work he can find is part time and doesn’t really quite cover everything a family needs.

We do our best to make ends meet but we always seem to come up just a bit short. And because of where we live, that is an hour + from anywhere that sells things like children’s clothing and shoes (or any clothing and shoes at a reasonable price), or a hospital that is open 24 hrs/day, we tend to run into a lot of extra expenses in the way of fuel, etc., and just having a reliable source of healthy food, guaranteed.

It is such a relief to know that I can go get something good to put in my girls, my family’s belly. And then it will be there next week and the week after. It helps us keep perspective. It’s easier to figure out what you are going to do next, if you know that you are going to be ok right now at least.

I know that there are many other families like mine that depend on the Food Hub too. I cannot imagine what our town, our community would do without it. I know my children would not be able to continue to grow healthy and happily like they are, without it.

Food Cupboard Client

If you know someone in need of a Christmas Food Hamper they can pick up an application form starting in late November from the Kaslo or Meadow Creek Family Centres, the Food Hub (Tuesdays 10-1 or Thursdays 5-7pm), or at our office at 336 B Ave.  Forms are also available at

Your support is instrumental to our success.  You can help us by:

  • Setting up a recurring monthly donation directly from your Kootenay Savings Credit Union account or by making us one of your Payees in the Bill Payment Section. Please contact our office to get your donor number.
  • Finding us at the Kaslo Christmas Craft Faire Saturday, Dec. 3, with charity gift cards made by students of JV Humphries School.  You will also be able to renew your membership if you haven’t already.  And remember that lifetime memberships can be purchased for $250.
  • Donating when shopping at Front Street Market by asking to donate $2 at the till.
  • Donating outside Front Street Market in December when the Alternate School students run a Christmas Fundraiser for the Food Cupboard.
  • Donating food for the Food Cupboard at the Food Drive Box located in the Front Street Market. (Please donate nothing that is past its best before date.)
  • Donating on Food Bank BC’s website, or on the CBC Food Bank Day, Friday December 2nd.
  • Donating anytime by going to our Website and clicking on the “Donate Now” button. 
  • Adding NKLCSS to your will as a beneficiary.
  • Just making a cheque out to North Kootenay Lake Community Services Society and putting it in the mail addressed to NKLCSS, Box 546, Kaslo

Contact the office at 250-353-7691 to get more information and check out our website to learn more about our programs.

Don’t forget to donate by Dec. 31st in order to receive your tax receipt, (a receipt will be issued for all gifts over $20).

From all of us at North Kootenay Lake Community Services Society have a happy and safe holiday season.


Thank You,

Kare Cathro, Board Treasurer             

On behalf of the Board and Staff of North Kootenay Lake Community Services Society