Lifeline Emergency Response Button


The Lifeline Personal Emergency Response System will mean peace of mind for you and your family and immediate help at the the push of a button.

If you live alone, have a chronic health problem, or a physical disability, the Community Lifeline may be the reassurance you need.

If you are worried about a family member, loved one or neighbor living alone, the Community Lifeline offers the security of knowing help is immediately available. The Personal Emergency Response system helps people remain independent in their own homes in our community.

Here's how it works:

Your personal help button is on a pendant worn around your neck or wrist. Whenever you need help, you touch the button.

When activated, your pendant transmitter emits a signal to your home unit, which in turn, automatically dials the Lifeline National Emergency Response Centre.

When your help signal is received, trained staff will immediately answer your call your using a speaker phone to see if you need assistance.

If you request or if staff are unable to reach they will contact a friend, relative, or a neighbor who lives nearby who you have chosen to be called in case of emergency. He or she will then come to your home to check on you. These units are easy to use and are available for rental at a cost of $40/month.

If you or someone you care about could benefit from being part of our Community Lifeline, please contact Kaslo Community Service Society at 250-353-7691. The Lifeline Coordinator will be happy to visit you in your home to demonstrate the Lifeline System. Information is also available on Lifeline Canada's web site.