Planting the Seed: The Movie

The Kaslo Food Security Project (a project of North Kootenay Lake Community Services Society in beautiful Kaslo, British Columbia) launched it’s second year with Lawns to Gardens- a project to encourage, inspire and guide as many residents as possible to convert their lawns into nutrient rich food and native plant producing gardens. With funds from the Union of BC Municipalities and from Environment Canada’s Eco Action program, Lawns to Gardens was officially launched in the spring of 2008 with a community contest where a family and either a senior or household with disabilities could apply to win to have their lawn converted to a garden.

We also took a fallow lot at the local community garden and converted it into a demonstration garden. We also provided the community with various courses in gardening, canning, and seed saving. This project, in year one alone, was able to directly save over 1500lbs of Green House Gases from entering the atmosphere by having three households grow their own summer produce. In the summer of 2009 we will be offering the contest again and convert two more watering sucking lawns into water wise, organic, abundant food and native plant gardens.

This video is glance at our Lawns to Gardens project. We hope that many communities will use it to inspire and dig up as many lawns as possible.

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Planting the Seeds