Kaslo Community Services Society offers free confidential counselling for Women, Children, Youth, Families, Adults and Addictions. Most people who ask us for counselling are able to see a counsellor as we offer so many different programs.  We recommend you call and talk to a counsellor about your issue and they will be able to let you know if we can see you or can advise you where you can seek help.

To book an appointment please call 250-353-7691 and one of our counsellors will do an intake with you.  This is just a 10 or 15 minute conversation which can be done over the phone or in person, usually the same day, to find out what you are seeking counselling for.  Based on this conversation a counsellor will be assigned to you who will call you to book an appointment. 

Usually it will take one to two weeks before you are called by the counsellor assigned to you and it may be another one or two weeks before the counsellor can get you in for an appointment.  Occasionally the delay may be longer if a counsellor is on vacation or currently has a full case load.  If you are concerned about waiting to hear back please let the counsellor who is doing intake with you know you feel you need to see someone quickly.

Community Counselling Service

The Counselling team provides confidential emotional support and promotes positive growth and healing for individual adults, children, youth and families. This includes crisis response, and short term or long term counselling services. The team includes professionals with expertise in, family violence, sexual abuse and mental health and addictions support and using a variety of therapy modalities.

The Counselling service also provides psycho-educational groups for adults and children/youth, Life skills groups, Clubhouse for Mental Health and Addiction clients, Open Studio art groups for children and youth. The counselling services also provides a Safe Home program for women and children and pets who are at risk of abuse.

Child and Youth Mental Health

Provides assessment and therapeutic interventions (including group, family and individual counselling) for children and youth who have emotional, mental and behavioral issues.

Adult Mental Health and Substance Use

Offers assessment, crisis intervention, and ongoing counselling support for adults and coordination with existing local services and agencies.  The focus is on the Harm Reduction model of addiction services. Included in this contract are psycho-educational groups (ie. anxiety and depression), Outreach for existing clients. Weekly Community Connections Clubhouse meetings provide social connection, education and life skills for clients with mental health issues.

Children Who Witness Abuse

Offers community based counselling for children, information sharing and support to parents, and school-based prevention activities aimed at breaking the cycle of violence against women and children.

Family Support

Offers support to families to enhance connection and communication between family members.  Included are parent-teen mediation, parenting skills enhancement and productive resolution of family conflict.

Victim’s Services

Is a community based service for victims of crime, offering justice related services, crisis intervention, advocacy and emotional support.

Stopping the Violence for Women

Offers short and long term individual counselling for women who are healing from past or present abusive situations.  A variety of modalities including expressive therapies to support women on their healing journey.  MORE.

Safe Homes Program

Provides crisis intervention, and a local network of short term accommodation for women with their children and pets who are at risk of abuse.  Focus in on safety, emotional support and help accessing other resources.  Transportation to the Nelson Transition House is also available.